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Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends
Friday April 4th 2014 @ The J&M Cafe

Click here for the Facebook event page

Beyond Fools Party. Come to Pioneer Square to shake loose those April Fools blues.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll dance your ass off.

Presenting Neal Storme's new songs soon to be released on CD.
Featuring Greg Blanke, Max Campbell, Rolf Larson, Jimmy Marsh,
Linda Lee, Nora Micheals and Caroline Lee.

NO COVER. Bring all your friends

New CD "Apparitions" on Streetsongz
This is a collection of recordings that should have been
put out long ago, but due to circumstances...
Well that's life...

The Players
Background Vocals
Neal Storme
Vocals / Guitar
Lari Peterson
Bryan Yates
Greg Blanke
Sean Lahay
Piano / Keys (*)
Steve Haeck
Piano (#12)
Tracy Harrington
Bass (#11)
Steve O
Bass (*)
G. Valmont Thomas
Bass (*)
Sam Sampson
Drums (^)
Danny Zakos
Drums (*)
Charlie Lorme
Snare (#11)
Chucky Keys
Accordion (#11)
Pamela Darby
Mandolin (#11)
Spoons (#9)
Pamela Darby
Linda Lee
Susan Harper
Rhoda Guntherson
Katrina Lorme
Steve Cameron
Greg Blanke
Yakov Rueben
G. Valmont Thomas
Don Dodge -
Deanna Chapman
Brenda Blanke
David Hiscock